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Smart Components - Validation runs in Spain completed!

For the validation of our smart components, we have successfully completed the first test runs in Spain.


To improve the assessment of the load situation of primary conical springs in rail vehicles, we have developed instrumented vehicle components - so-called 'smart components'. With specially developed sensor technology, it is now possible to convert commercially available conical springs into triaxial force transducers with integrated displacement and temperature measurement, so that these measured variables can be recorded directly during operation. The interfaces of the components remain unchanged, which means that the existing conical springs can simply be replaced by our smart components in existing vehicles.

In order to validate these sensors, last week we carried out measurement runs with a multiple unit train from CAF in cooperation with the operator EuskoTren and the company MTC in Spain, near Bilbao. The measurement data from the additional sensors will be used to check the plausibility and validate the 'smart components'. In the future, representative load spectra will be available for the service life calculation of elastomer springs. Furthermore, the results can be used to validate the MBS models and provide very precise information about dynamic stiffness values, e.g. during passing narrow curves. More details will be presented at IRSA in Aachen in November 2023.

FE model conical spring
Instrumented conical springs
Calibration of the sensor technology in our own laboratory
Laboratory calibration on site at MTC
Detailed view - Laboratory calibration on site at MTC
Example of time records of force sensors during laboratory calibration
Functional tests on site before installation in the vehicle
Test vehicle: a CAF multiple unit of the Basque operator EuskoTren
Measuring set-up for the validation of instrumented conical springs - Smart Components