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Engenium's measurement technology department works with flexible, modular equipment from National Instruments (cDAQ series). The equipment enables sophisticated, distributed measurements of various analog and digital input quantities. The most important characteristics of the cDAQ series are:

  • 24-bit resolution for analog input signals

  • sampling rates up to the MHz range

  • signal-based synchronization in the sub-microsecond range

  • distributed, complex measurement setups of different topologies

  • parallel use of different sampling rates

  • very large numbers of channels  (>500)

  • fast and flexible readiness for use due to modular design

Distributed measurements offer the great advantage over conventional systems (central measuring amplifiers) by the fact that sensor signals can be digitized on site. The digital signals are transported without loss via an Ethernet network. Measurements can thus be made on a much larger scale. The measurement network is controlled by Engenium's ACQUA software and offers maximum flexibility.

Engenium's measurement department works with flexible, modular equipment from National Instruments

cDAQ series