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To test and approve the running characteristics of railway vehicles, we carry out stationary measurements and track tests in accordance with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) and Notified National Technical Regulations (NNTR).

This specifically includes:

  • Execution of tests according to EN 14033-1 and EN 14363:
    • On-track tests according to the normal measuring method (acceleration measurements incl. instrumented wheel sets)
    • On-track tests according to the simplified measuring method (acceleration measurements)
    • Determination of the displacement characteristics (tilt coefficient) according to method 2
    • On-track tests on vehicles to quantify the track load in curve radii of less than 250 m according to CEN/TS 17843
  • On-track tests to check acceptance criteria with regard to running safety and track loading according to EN 15827


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