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Due to the interest in high-quality simulations, our company carries out a wide range of material tests for our customers. Here we focus on elastomers and plastics, tests are performed on our inhouse test benches.

Test benches

Especially for elastomers as well as plastics we offer the following characteristic tests, which are carried out on our in-house test benches:

  • Uniaxial test
  • Equibiaxial test
  • Pure-Shear-Test
  • Creep tests
  • Relaxation tests
  • Uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue tests

This allows the material properties to be determined and subsequently taken into account in the corresponding material model. The tests can also be carried out at different temperature levels with arbitrary exposure time  (e.g. crystallization behavior).

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Material validation

Based on the material tests in our laboratory, we carry out material validations of elastomers and plastics. This allows the following material properties to be taken into account in the numerical models:

  • hyperelastic material behaviour
  • viscoelastic material behavior
    • creep behaviour
    • relaxation behaviour
    • fatigue behaviour (Haigh diagram)
    • stress softening (Mullin's effect)

As a result, a model validated on characteristic tests is available to our customers - the basis for a reliable virtual development.

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