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To achieve maximum flexibility, Engenium works with its in-house developed measurement software ACQUA. Since measurement software plays a crucial role in a sucesscul measurement project, ACQUA offers  full flexibility and allows us to take full advantage of our modular measurement hardware.

  • realization of complex topologies
    • By designing distributed measurements, data values are digitized as close as possible to the sensor and transported to the measuring computer via an Ethernet network. Signal losses due to long extension cables are eliminated.
    • By selecting suitable topologies, we can create optimal conditions for clean, synchronous measurements.
  • high number of measuring channels (>500)
    • ACQUA was designed as a scalable multi-channel software and also enables the acquisition of different channels with different sampling rates.
  • high data throughout
    • The data throughput of the measurement software is essentially limited solely by the underlying Ethernet network of one gigabit per second.
      • e.g. this corresponds to a measurement with 500 channels (24bit) at a sampling rate of 50 kHz.
  • high time synchronicity
    • Different measurement channels are automatically synchronized by our software, the time synchronicity is less than one microsecond even in very large networks.
    • By using finite impulse response (FIR) - filters, ACQUA allows to easily correct sensor specific time delays.
  • real-time data evaluation
    • Due to the flexibility of our software, data evaluation can be performed in real time.


ACQUA Measurement Software

The measurement software for highest flexibility for special customer requirements