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To test the fatigue strength, we carry out measurements and on-track tests in accordance with EN 13749, EN 12663-1, EN 12663-2, EN 15827, the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) and Notified National Technical Rules (NNTR).

This includes:

  • Measurement of strains / stresses / structural deformation, forces, torsional and bending moments, accelerations, displacements and many more.
  • On-tack tests on running gears and their components (EN 13749)
  • On-track tests for validation of design (EN 15827)
  • Impact tests for experimental strength verification:
    • Locomotives and passenger vehicles: to demonstrate full serviceability for rail vehicles during normal shunting impacts (EN 12663-1)
    • Freight waggons: for testing inertia effects (connection between car frame and bogies, behavior of superstructures) and load effects on superstructures and end faces (EN 12663-2)
  • On-track tests to verify strength under torsional and bending loads for wheelset shafts in accordance with DIN Manual 491/1 (roller burnishing tests, chatter measurements)


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