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Running safety and ride comfort

We were commissioned to carry out measurements on a new tram. The measurement campaign serves to test the fulfilment of the requirements for running safety and ride comfort of the new vehicles.


Solution approach:

To record the required assessment values, we installed more than 40 acceleration sensors on the vehicle and carried out measurements on the entire route network. Our in-house developed measurement software ACQUA was used for this. The signals were continuously monitored on-board and pre-evaluated during the test runs. This was followed by a detailed evaluation of the collected measurement data. The evaluations were carried out according to the customer's specifications and in compliance with the standards EN 14363 (running safety), EN 12299 (ride comfort), Sperling's ride index Wz in ORE C 116 - (comfort and running quality), as well as ISO 2631 (human exposure to whole body vibration).


Our reports documenting the measurement campaign, the data evaluations and their results serve our customer as a solid basis for proving compliance with the approval and customer requirements.

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Continuous monitoring of the measurement results on site
Accelerometer to determine ride comfort and running safety
Radar sensor for measuring the vehicle speed