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Design and calculation from a single source


Consideration of complex boundary conditions


Application of local notch stress concept


Simulation calculation

Simulation calculation

The team of Engenium GmbH has decades of experience in the field of numerical simulation and offers you well-founded expertise in the field of linear and non-linear FEM. In the field of non-linear FEM we have specialized in the design and calculation of elastomeric suspension elements and have a unique selling proposition in the field of damage calculation. We accompany our customers from the concept to the first design up to the final construction. The strength verification for metallic components is performed according to all common standards and regulations (Eurocode, FKM, etc.) or according to customer-specific requirements. The verification for the static and/or fatigue strength approval is carried out for steel or aluminium materials, which are produced by common manufacturing processes (machining, forging, welding, etc.).

Current project examples

Optimization frame

Optimization of a frame construction used for testing load handling devices.

Development of secondary spring

Development of an hourglass spring for a bogie.

Optimization air spring pot

Structural optimization of an aluminum air spring pot.