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Structural optimisation to extend component service life

Interdisciplinary for success! - in this sense, we were able to successfully apply the disciplines of measurement technology, design, finite elements (FE) calculation and strength assessment in our last project.

Due to an early failure of a bracket on the bogie of our customer, we were commissioned with an operational measurement to analyse the cause of the problem. Through an initial FE calculation, we were able to show that the bracket and the component attached to it had a relatively low eigen frequency (less than 40 Hz). By evaluating the measurement data (strain gauges and accelerations) of the operational measurement campaign, we were able to show that the first bending eigenmode of the bracket and the component attached to it is dominantly excited by the driving operation. This subsequently leads to an early fatigue fracture. Using FE analysis, we were then able to find a constructive measure for the available installation space in order to change the eigen frequency of the system and to detune it sufficiently. In a second operational measurement, we determined the operational loads for the modified design and carried out a strength assessment with the validated FE model. This enabled us to increase the operational service life by at least a factor of 10, which means that the service life of 30 years required by the customer can be met in the future with the modified design.

In this project, it should be emphasised that the calibration of the sensors used, the operational measurement and also the data evaluation itself were carried out with Engenium's own software ACQUA. If you have any questions about ACQUA, please contact Dipl.-Ing. Dumböck (